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Call Centre Syndrome? We have the cure!!
Our agents are familiar with the airlines,agents,integrators and we have developed shortcuts. Rather than fall asleep while you are waiting for answer or leaving messages on voice mail, we will follow through on your shipments and keep you advised of progress/delays.

Sick of "Your call is important to us ..."? Or voice mail " Press 1 for exports" !! then call us.
We offer local knowledge and expertise. We can even talk about the weather!

The buck stops here! We take responsibility and will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to resolve any problems. Guaranteed!

Remember, tracking systems/ call centres are fine, once the information is there.
However, if there is a problem/delay with your shipment , you need action!
Someone that you can hold responsible to get the problem resolved..... someone you can trust.
You will never become another trace/file number with us. You will always be a valued customer with a problem that needs to be resolved sooner rather than later.

Our service is built on trust, commitment and responsibility to meet your requirements.
If problems arise you will be told and follow up action will be both fast and effective.

Same Day to the UK
Shipments collected before 12.oo hours will be delivered late afternoon in the Greater London area and in the late evening to several major UK Cities.

Overnight to Mainland Europe
This service is available in conjunction with the major Integrators and options are available for a.m. and timed deliveries.

Deferred Service to Mainland Europe
This service is in conjunction with Interlink/DPD service, depending on destination transit time varies from 3 - 7 days.

Live Animals / Products / Semen
Extensive experience of handling the importation of animals,pedigree and family pets,agricultural breeding purposes.
Working with the Department of Agriculture and Customs to obtain efficent release.
Completion of CVED and presentation to Dept. of Agriculure. Export of Dogs to the USA a speciality.Proper care and handling of animals at all times.

Same day delivery ex Greater London area is available on request.

Sameday to/from London available in conjunction with Aer Lingus Courier service,direct flights available to/from London Heathrow Airport. Suitable for high value,time sensistive items requiring that extra attention and minimum handling.

Customs Clearance
All entries are completed in-house. We avail of the Automated Entry
Processing (AEP) system via Direct Trader Input (DTI) on line to Irish Customs & Excise.

Traditional Airfreight
We operate as a independent and neutral agent, whilst servicing our own clients we are also handling business/routing orders for International and Domestic Forwarders who do not operate their own facilities at Shannon Airport.In the past we have worked with Kuehne & Nagel, Fritz Companies, Roadway Global before they went on to set up their own Operations in Shannon.

Currently we represent several Agents, some using us frequently others not so often, but each is handled in a confidential and secure manner,protecting the business in a professional fashion for that Client.

Unaccompanied Baggage
Being located near the Airport, we can collect your bags and clear through customs if required, and then ensure delivery in a timely fashion to your door, or hold in our warehouse until you decide to accept delivery.

Outbound, with Airlines now increasing charging for excess baggage weight, it may prove more economical (not to mention less hassle) to have your excess luggage Couriered or Airfreighted to your home.

All Baggage is subject to Security checks and X Ray before being handed to Courier or Airline for despatch.

Additional packing for fragile items can be arranged.